Monday, January 2, 2012

'The Possibility of You'

As adoption has reached beyond the U.S. borders, and records that were previously sealed are now opened, many people who have discovered that they are adopted are now writing sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting stories of their experiences.

Although 'The Possibility of You', by Pamela Redmond, is pure fiction, it could almost read like a memoir.  Written with great sensitivity and intelligence, her story centers on the choices of three women living in three different eras.  Bridget's story is set in 1916, and the choice she makes changes the lives of those she loves.  Billie, living in 1976, is faced with a dilemma that affects Cait, who lives in the present day.

Part mystery, part revelation, 'Possibility...' exposes the risks that each woman takes, the heartbreaking choices that they cannot avoid.  They are all searching for their own identities, and when their stories converge, you will be stunned.

Ms. Redmond is an accomplished author, having written for many publications, and writes a column for Glamour magazine.  But this, her most sensitive novel, was one I could not put aside.  I wanted to solve the mystery; I wanted to know how each woman related to the other.  And I was not disappointed.

I strongly urge you to add this one to your reading group book list because it will promote not only many discussions, but maybe a heated argument or two.

I, myself, cannot stop talking about it.

'The Possibility of You' will be released in February 2012 by Simon & Schuster

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