Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Three Graves Full'

Some stories come and go; easily digested, easily forgotten.

But there are some stories which tend to linger; such is the case with 'Three Graves Full', the debut novel by Jamie Mason. 

And what a first novel!  Very original, very daring, and darkly amusing, Ms. Mason has brought to us a cast of characters (including one sharp dog) that are fully developed and unforgettable.  And the premise, dear reader?  Oh, my...

Jason Getty is a young, mild-mannered widower who has killed a man and buried him in his backyard.  But just as the stress of what he's done is beginning to dissipate, the landscapers he has hired to work on his yard have uncovered a body...but not the body Jason buried at the far end of his property.  When the police come to investigate, they find yet another body.  Jason tries to stay a step ahead of the investigators, but everything he's trying so hard to hide is almost uncovered by the least likely person.

While reading Ms. Mason's unique story, I was almost biting my fingernails in suspense.  There was never a thought in my head as to how this story would end.  I had no desire to 'read ahead'.  I just wanted to know! 

And that's a good thing.  The Coen Brothers would have a field day making a film from this book.

So, the lesson learned is do not, under any circumstances, bury a body in your backyard.  You just never know if you'll retain your sanity.

Lose it in this wonderful story, instead.

'Three Graves Full', author Jamie Mason's debut novel, is published by Gallery Books (a division of Simon & Schuster).

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