Friday, August 19, 2011

The Birdie Has Flown

Forgive me, if you will, for allowing me to veer away from book reviews for just a moment.  Something major has occurred in my life and I feel the need to address the situation. 

My bird has flown from the nest, and although I thought I could handle it, I now realize that I'm not as strong as I thought.

My daughter will be 25 in December; a sobering thought in my eyes.  But no matter how hard I try to reconcile myself to her adulthood, memories of her as a baby, as a toddler, as a horrible teenager surface on a constant basis.  I cannot look at photographs without crying.  

Yes, I realize that it's her 'time' to explore the world (I, myself, did all the exploring that I could manage when I was her age), but this whole experience brings one thought to mind:  I now know how my parents felt.  I can feel the anguish and separation anxiety.  Although we argued on a weekly basis, I will miss her snide comments and rude remarks.  I will miss her sarcasm.  I will especially miss hearing her grunts of frustration when I remind her not to text and drive.  A St. Christopher medal and a stack of books will be in her birthday package.

But I also know that my birdie will be just fine.  She's a strong woman, yet I'm thankful she has managed to hang onto her sensitivity.

Here's to my birdie!  You might have flown from the nest, but this mom will keep an eagle eye on you.

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WritingGoddess said...

Hey woman, this is Tami (Orr). Loving your blog and invite you to read my woefully behind one also at In the meantime, I appreciate the bird flown feeling as all THREE of mine are elsewhere right now--Alaska, Indiana and California. I walk thru the house and resent the silence as I also cherish the memories they are creating on their own.