Friday, August 5, 2011

The Hundred-Foot Journey

When I was a regular bookseller for Borders Books, the publishing house, Simon & Schuster, sent informational e-mails to all Borders sellers.  It was a dynamic resource and a wonderful place to read about new publications.  Not only did I receive valuable news, but advanced reading copies (ARCs) were available to me.  At first, I only requested a few copies, which I would read and review.  But when the Summer and Autumn lists came out, my 'book hog' instinct took flight and my list grew.  The fabulous folks at S&S not only filled my requests, but added one or two 'staff picks' to my shipment.

What a delight it was to come home after a hard day of work and find that precious box of books waiting for me!  I dropped whatever I was holding and tore into the box.  It was pure heaven for this book hog.

But when Borders went out of business, I sent off goodbye notes to everyone with whom I had contact at Simon & Schuster.  I did not expect the content of their replies.  It turned out that it wasn't 'goodbye' to our partnership.  I was invited to join their Bookclub Advisory panel, and I immediately replied, "Yes, yes, YES!"  I now read two or three books a month and review them.  Plain and simple, right?  'This is a good book.  I recommend it'.  For me, it's much more than that.  Being a seasoned bookseller, I take this task very seriously.

So, onto my first review, and I promise this book is well worth your time.  You will come to cherish it.  I have.

"The Hundred-Foot Journey", written by Richard C. Morais, first captured me by it's exquisite writing.  Mr. Morais words settle gently on the brain and evoke moments in which we could all participate.  This is a story written with great care and abundant love.

Hassan Haji is a young Indian boy who was raised in his family's restaurant business in Mumbai.  After a family tragedy, his entire family leaves India to roam Europe, eventually settling in Lumiere, a small town in the French Alps.  When they open an Indian restaurant, they find that their neighbor, an acclaimed French chef, is none too pleased.  The moment their business takes off, they have earned the ire of Madame Mallory.

But life takes funny twists and turns, and it is Madame Mallory who discovers Hassan's genius and sets him on the path to his own culinary fame.

This is a story to relish, one that you will read again and again.  And, hopefully, one you will share.

I have.

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Tracy said...

Jacki! I am so happy to see your Book Hog Blog! I have loved the books that you have recommended in the past, and can't wait to follow along on your newest journey. This book, "The Hundred-Foot Journey," is one I would never have found, had you not recommended it. Thank you!!

Tracy P.W.