Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'A Dog's Journey'

After posting a review in October 2011 for the sensitive novel, 'A Dog's Purpose', written by W. Bruce Cameron, I wondered if he would ever write another book about Buddy the dog.  I was drawn to the devoted canine; my tears came easily and, as I stated in the review, it made me appreciate my animal roommates a lot more.

So, I wasn't surprised when I learned that Mr. Cameron had indeed written a sequel.

'A Dog's Journey' continues where the first book ended.  This time, Buddy is keeping a careful eye on Ethan's granddaughter, Clarity, who is a curious little girl.  As Clarity's life progresses, Buddy once again leaves his life, only to be reincarnated into a dog that Clarity names Molly.  Buddy thought that his purpose in life would end when his 'boy', Ethan, dies, but he discovers that he is meant to protect Clarity (now called C.J.).  And so it goes through three lifetimes, and he always manages to find the object of his devotion.  Through hard times (and living with one of the most selfish characters ever written, Gloria, Clarity's mother), Buddy (aka Molly, then Max, then Toby) remains by Clarity's side, sharing her life with all it's ups-and-downs.  

Simply written, 'A Dog's Journey' will move you to tears and prompt you to walk across the room and embrace your animal friends, thanking them for their devotion.

But you may want to keep some treats on hand.  Aren't they worth it?

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