Sunday, May 6, 2012

'The Passionate Bookworm Fundraising Raffle'

One of my good friends (and fellow blogger), Michelle, not only reviews and recommends Young Adult titles on her wonderful blog, The Passionate Bookworm, but she is also an artist.

She has come up with some incredible designs centered around books and the world they inhabit.  The problem is that she needs money for equipment, supplies, etc.  So, she has come up with a great idea:  The Passionate Bookworm Fundraising Raffle and Giveaway.

Click on the link to learn more about her art, her passion for books, and her fundraising goal: 

Art is forever, just like a good story.  So, visit Michelle's site, contribute to the fund, and read her reviews.  You will not only find a great story, but you'll also be extending a hand to an artist who has a shining future...thanks to you!


Ruth Dixon said...

Thanks for doing this... I know Michelle really appreciates it!

Jacki said...

Ruth, I'll do anything to promote Michelle's blog and art. She's an amazing woman! You're a good mom, btw!