Friday, September 14, 2012


Although Book Hog doesn't usually review Young Adult titles (don't get me wrong; I have quite a few of them on my bookshelves), I recently finished a YA book that is worth your attention.

Once again, I read this book in under a day.  It's that good.

Fast-paced and with such well-developed characters, 'Crewel', by Gennifer Albin, drew me in and didn't let me go.  

Based on the myth of the Fates, three women who control destiny, this novel is narrated by Adelice, herself destined to become a Spinster, a female weaver who has the talent to manipulate the strands of time and place.  Although her parents try to teach her to hide her skill, it is soon discovered via mandatory testing, and Adelice is taken to the Tower, where she will spend her life weaving the threads of destiny.

But simmering under the government control is discontent and outrage, which are cleverly hidden from those in power.  It is in the Tower where Adelice finds her enemies, discovers allies...and finds the one who will stand by her side.

Gennifer Albin has truly spun a clever tale which will leave you hungry for more.

But don't just take my word for it:  Check out my friend Michelle's blog, at a later date for a more in-depth review.

'Crewel' will be released by Farrar Straus Giroux in mid-October 2012

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