Friday, September 28, 2012

'Gone Girl'

It takes a brilliant mind to come up with a story that, on the surface, seems so simple.  So 'cut-and-dried'.  

What really pulls me into mystery stories is the fact that I actually get to exercise my mind.  Did he/she do it?  Or was it the butler in the bathroom with the butterknife?  Most of the time, we find that we are wrong.  Dead wrong.  We can read all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries that we want, thinking we'll have a 'heads up' when we explore contemporary suspense thrillers, but...

...we'll be dead wrong.

Gillian Flynn is one of many mystery writers who has a huge fan base.  I've enjoyed her previous stories; 'Sharp Objects' is a particular favorite; so when I heard that her new novel, 'Gone Girl' had been released, I was eager to partake of the mystery meal.  I was even more eager when I learned that it was garnering very positive reviews.  Then it appeared on bestseller lists.

I'll admit it:  I am proud of Gillian.  I've been an advocate of her books for a long time, finding great pleasure in putting her books in customer's hands.  Gillian has one of those brilliant minds.  And she's clever, to boot.

'Gone Girl' opens with a typical scene:  In North Carthage, Missouri, Nick and Amy Dunne are preparing to celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary.  Presents are wrapped, reservations are made.  A mysterious silver gift box sits hidden in Amy's closet.  Nick begins work at the bar he and his twin sister, Margo, own...until he receives a phone call from a neighbor with the news that Nick's front door is open and his wife is gone.  

It doesn't help that Nick has daydreamed about the slope and shape of Amy's head.  And Amy's diary reveals a perfectionist who would drive anyone totally crazy.  After the police are informed, Nick demonstrates inappropriate behavior and each lie makes you wonder if he had anything to do with Amy's disappearance.

Did he do it?  And if not, just where is Amy?

Flynn has written a story full of her trademark clever dialogue, and she leads readers in so many directions, making us suspect anyone and no one.  But, like a magician, her sleight-of-hand keeps us from noticing what's really happening.  The suspense doesn't let up, and you might find yourself finishing the story within a day.  Because it's good.  Very, very good.  

Once you discover the mystery of 'Gone Girl', you'll wonder just how well you know the one you love.

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WritingGoddess said...

Ohhhhhhh just finished this one, Jackie. It was one of those books that has me talking out loud and refusing to put it down when I really should. Thanks for the recommendation. This one will stick with me for a while.