Saturday, July 6, 2013

'Reconstructing Amelia'

I think one of the hardest things in life is losing your child.  And I'm not talking about breaks in the relationship, when you don't talk to each other for a long, long time.  In that case, you know your child is around, but there (hopefully) will come a day when you will reconcile.

When I mean losing a child, I mean death.  Heartbreaking, grief-filled, I-can't-breathe death.

It's beyond me.  And I don't want to even imagine it.

But Kimberly McCreight's brilliant debut novel, 'Reconstructing Amelia' will hit a little too close to home to anyone who has a teenager.  

Beautifully written, sensitive, and almost jaw-dropping, I found myself immersed in Kate Baron's sorrow.  If your child has ever wanted to belong to a peer group, you'll totally understand Kimberly's story.  

Although it is labelled a 'mystery', the story goes much deeper.  It goes beyond a search for the truth.  It delves into a mother's guilt and a daughter's trust in those who would do her harm.

Kate Baron is a partner in one of New York's most prestigious law firms, and although she is a single mother to a brilliant young girl, she feels guilty that her work life isn't giving her more time to spend with her daughter, Amelia.  But when she receives news that Amelia has committed suicide at her exclusive private school, Grace Hall, Kate does not believe that her daughter would do such a thing.  Consumed by grief and guilt, Kate dives into her daughter's text messages and Facebook posts, trying to find out why Amelia would end her life when it was filled with such promise.  When Kate receives the text message, 'Amelia didn't jump', she knows in her heart that Amelia did not commit suicide.  During her search, she discovers secrets that Amelia kept from her...and that leads to a startling discovery.

I could not put down Kimberly's amazing novel.  A real 'page turner', it will bring tears to your eyes, and perhaps, put you on the path to having a real conversation with your own child.

And, maybe, keeping them out of private school.

Help keep independent bookstores alive!  'Reconstructing Amelia' is available at your favorite store...and your local library!

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