Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'The Rosie Project'

If I'm not working that evening, you'll find me in front of my television on Thursdays, watching 'The Big Bang Theory'.  I don't care if it's a rerun; I'll watch it and laugh while tapping into my 'inner nerd'.  Sheldon Cooper (one of the major characters in the program and played by the brilliant Jim Parsons), on the other hand, is more of a geek.  Brilliant in most areas of science (and a trivia expert), he cannot cope in social situations, and suffers (although not in his opinion) from OCD. He knows everything and isn't afraid to let everyone know it.  

So, when the new novel, 'The Rosie Project' landed on my desk, I almost thought that Sheldon had written it.  Almost...

Brilliant, funny (oh, it's definitely funny!), and a nod to those who aren't afraid to change, Graeme Simsion's new novel is destined to hit the bestseller lists.  His story is one of the most romantic and hilarious books of the Fall publishing season.

Don Tillman is a professor of genetics, and although he has a brilliant scientific mind (with huge OCD tendencies), he finds social situations uncomfortable and confounding.  His luck with women ended at one date, so he embarks upon the Wife Project.  The Wife Project is a sixteen-page questionnaire which he sends to assorted women (thanks to the help of his best friend, Gene, who, although married, enjoys the 'company' of many, many women) in hopes of finding his perfect mate.

And in walks Rosie, the most illogical and beautiful woman he has ever met.  Brilliant in her own right, Rosie and Don establish a tentative friendship, and in doing so, embark upon yet another endeavor, The Father Project (Rosie wants to find out who her biological father really is).  Setting The Wife Project aside, Don reorganizes his life in order to help Rosie. But what he doesn't foresee is the path he will take to find himself...and love.

Of all the beautifully-realized characters in this book, I fell in love with Don. Fastidious, unintentionally funny, and stuck in his own little world, he projects a courage that I did not expect.  Watching his relationship with Rosie grow into 'something more' made my heart swell.

So, read 'The Rosie Project' before it becomes a movie.  Grasp Don's hand and give it a good shake before he can take it back.  

Sheldon would be horrified.


WritingGoddess said...

Already have it on hold at the library!!!!

WritingGoddess said...

And now I am reading it and loving every minute. My only problem is when I picture Don, I can ONLY see Sheldon.