Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'The Circle of Thirteen'

Women are amazing creatures.  Not only do they withstand the pain of childbirth, but most hold jobs, maintain a household, raise children, are domestic chauffeurs, house cleaners, personal shoppers, doctors, psychologists, teachers, sports coaches, financial analysts, chefs, and party planners.  Those jobs alone should earn them a college degree.

Most women I know want peace, and not just long enough for them to soak in a bath tub. They want it for the world.  After working so hard to bring a miracle of life into the world, they really don't want to see it destroyed.  They also don't enjoy having someone or something taking advantage of those who work very hard to maintain a balance in life; financially, emotionally, and physically.  

And that's why William Petrocelli's new book, 'The Circle of  Thirteen', hits so close to home.

In 2082, an explosion rocks the dedication ceremony of the New United Nations building in New York City, and Security Director Julia Moro is chasing after the shadowy leader of Patria, a terrorist organization linked to bombing attempts and attacks on women, including The Women for Peace, an organization headed by thirteen bold women who have risked their lives and sanity to restore worldwide peace.  Weaving back and forth in time, the story illuminates the strong bond between the women and those who follow years later.

Although the story was a bit confusing at times (it took a while for me to get used to the 'back-and-forth in time' bit), I was soon able to pinpoint the many characters so wonderfully portrayed and I grew anxious to learn the outcome.

The villain is at once scary and unrelenting, yet one cannot help but feel pity for such a shadowy figure.  

'The Circle of Thirteen' is remarkable and not like any other story I've read in recent times.  The female characters are strong and intelligent, certain of which road they must take.  It's very obvious that the author is an advocate for women's rights.

I was very glad to read a novel in which remarkable, brave women lead the way on a journey which we still follow today.

William Petrocelli is the co-owner, with his wife, Elaine, of the San Francisco Bay area Book Passage bookstores.  Bill is a former deputy attorney general for the state of California, and a poverty lawyer in Oakland.  'The Circle of Thirteen' is his first novel, and will be published in October 2013 by Turner Publishing.  

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