Saturday, May 31, 2014

'Hollow City'

Way back in February 2012, I reviewed an unusual book; 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'.  I was intrigued by the weird photos taken from a bygone era, and author Ransom Riggs wrapped the story around each one.

I loved it.  It was strange and creepy, yet full of emotion, and compassion for the rather unique human condition.

When I read the news that he had finally written a sequel, I 'quick like a bunny' put a hold on it at the library.  It was a long wait, but definitely worth it.

'Hollow City' follows the peculiar children from their escape from their island home, and far into 1940's London, England. It isn't a straight shot; they find another 'loop' (a different time frame which enables them to come into contact with other 'peculiars'), fight hollows and wights, and try to find a cure for their beloved headmistress, Miss Peregrine.

This particular story is a bit more grown up. Our hero, Jacob, has fallen in love with Emma Bloom, the girl who can make fire...with her hands.  He struggles with his feelings, hoping they will be reciprocated.  

And we have Olive, the girl who can float, and Bronwyn, a very strong girl. And there's Millard, an invisible boy.  Most all of the major characters are back, and all are involved in the intrigue, and are trying very hard to hold up a united front against their paranormal enemies.

Author Ransom Riggs
But it is the photographs that will really suck you in. You ask yourself just how Riggs will present them?  

The answer:  He does it very, very well.

A major surprise awaits you at the end of 'Hollow City'.  I was astounded, to say the least.

'Hollow City', by Ransom Riggs, is now available at your local library and favorite bookstore.    

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