Friday, October 14, 2011


I have a good friend who reads and reviews Young Adult fantasy/fiction, and I have wanted to ask her if she has read any novels written by Ellen Hopkins.  Ms. Hopkins has written the very popular YA books, Crank, Glass, et al.  Although I haven't read them, I will do so very soon because I just finished reading her new adult novel, 'Triangles'.

This book isn't for kids.  

Written in verse, I was rather hesitant about reading it; I've never been a fan of stories written in poetic verse or a letter format (re:  'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society').  But once I took a deep breath, shoved aside my misgivings, and opened the book, I easily fell into the rhythm of the first chapter.

'Triangles' tells the story of three female friends:  Marissa, a woman with a gay son, a terminally ill daughter, and married to an emotionally-distant man.  Her life, it's safe to say, is filled with stress and challenges.  Andrea, her sister, is divorced and a single mother.  She has had relationships, but is now celibate.  And then there is Holly.  Holly is married to a loving man and together, they are raising three children.  But, filled with regret, she rushes into extra-marital affairs, disguising them in her attempt at writing erotic fiction.

This novel is not your typical 'Chick Lit'; not 'cutesy' and clever.  It is full of pain, heartache, joy, and remorse.  And a lot of sex.  Ms. Hopkins has written a very real story, one that captured my attention and didn't let it go until the heartbreaking end.

There's something for everyone in this story; things to which most of us can relate.

So, for my friend, and for all of you who enjoy Ms. Hopkin's YA fiction, take a step up and read her newest book. It's so very well worth it.


Passionet Bookworm said...

Unfortunately no Jacki, I have not read her YA series. I always meant to, but the topics are so real that they usually hit me hard.Plus I too have a hard time with the poetic verse style..So I have put it off for awhile. Hearing your review on her new Adult novel may just get me to pick them up though! I will give them a shot and let you know what I think :)

Passionet Bookworm said...

Jacki! I don't know if you would be able to make it. But if you have any Portland Followers interested Wednesday, October 26th @ 7pm

Ellen Hopkins will be at:
Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. (800) 878-7323

Wednesday, October 26th @ 7pm

At least as long as I'm reading the Calendar of events right!