Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Book Recommendations...From YOU!

The holiday season is almost upon us.  Stores will be open earlier than usual, and stay open longer.  Craft stores are doing great business, and electronics continue to lead the pack in most requested gifts.  For those of us in retail, it's a very busy season, and we don't always have the time to shop for just the right gift.

But books are always number one on my list.  And that's 'real' books.

So, this time, I'm asking you to send me your recommends*. What book moved you?  Or inspired you?  What mystery novel kept you up late at night?  What book made you stay in the bathtub until the water turned cold?

Send me your recommends in the comments section.  If you are a Facebook friend, please feel free to send it in a message.  You may recommend any book, as long as you are an advocate for it.  

I will place all of your recommends in a later post to Book Hog. Some comments may be edited, due to space.

This is your time to tell the world why you love a particular book.  It can even be an e-book.  I have to make room for everything, it seems.

So, let's help make our loved one's Christmas a little merrier.  

Everyone Reads.  And so should our loved ones. 

*Note:  Please include the author's name! 


Passionate Bookworm said...

OK. We all know Hunger Games is a huge hit. Therefor I don't mention this one because it's already on most wish lists or already bought. Up next. I recommend Divergent by Veronica Roth. With a passion I recommend this! Great Dystopian read, Strong Female lead tons of action and Ideas that will seriously make you think! Perfect description @

WritingGoddess said...

Personal favorites on my list include Replay by Ken Grimwood, The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Life Expectations by Dean Koontz and ALL of the Spellman File series by Lisa Lutz. For adventure, check out The Ark by someone Morrison and for thought-provoking, you can't beat any title by Jodi Picoult.