Tuesday, November 1, 2011

'The Last Testament: A Memoir by God'

Everyone needs a reason to laugh, especially during these rough times.  'Occupy: (pick your city)', the 'revving up' of political campaigns, and the loss of homes, jobs, and health care are our most major concerns.

So now it's time for some laughter.  Something light.  Something controversial.  Something that could only be 'co-written' by a former executive producer and head writer of 'The Daily Show'.  If you're a fan of the show (as I surely am), then you know that anyone associated with it is not afraid to take great leaps into controversy.  Or should I say, plunge.  David Javerbaum, the author of the hilarious, 'What to Expect When You're Expected', has given us yet another book that will keep you laughing late into the night and into the morning.

God, of course, is the main author, and why He would need a co-writer is beyond me.  But let's just accept it and move on.

God lives in Heaven with his wife, Ruth and their children Zach, Jesus, and Kathy.  That alone should make milk spurt out of your nose.  His opinions are varied and hilarious, such as his take on smiting.  And His plan to make the 2012 Olympics truly memorable is worth the price of the book alone.  And when you near the end of the book, don't pass on reading His new Revelation for the year.

It's a doozy.

(Coming soon in November 2011)

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D'Arcy said...

I'll have to check this one out, sounds too good to pass up!