Wednesday, December 28, 2011

'The Devil's Elixir'

After reading the fantastic S/F thriller, 'Specific Impulse', by Charles Justiz, I was very happy to receive yet another exciting mystery from a master of suspense, Raymond Khoury.  His new book, 'The Devil's Elixir' is a suspenseful read, and I couldn't put it down.

When I read 'The Last Templar', I wasn't sure if Mr. Khoury could surpass that novel (but after watching the televised version of it, I was sure he could), but '...Elixir' is a sure bet.

Set in present time, his story once again features Sean Reilly and Tess Chaykin, who appeared in Mr. Khoury's 'Templar' series; Tess is an archaeologist, and Reilly is an FBI agent.  Although mystical and exciting incidents color their world, we are still interested in their personal relationship, and that's what gives Khoury's stories their warmth.

In 'The Devil's Elixir', Reilly discovers that he has a new person in his already-complicated life, and he wonders if Tess can overcome her objections.  But before they can sit back and discuss their future, an event arises that almost shatters their world.  A new drug has been discovered that can induce an experience that will change people's lives.  But a dangerous man wants to control it.

The drug was discovered in ancient Mexico, and used exclusively by holy men.  But if the drug is used in present-day, it could change the world in the worst way.

'...Elixir' is very fast-paced and I recommend it when you're in the mood for something that rivets you to your chair.

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