Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Trail of the Spellmans'

When I was working at Borders, one of my favorite sections was Mystery/Thriller.  So many customers clogged the aisles, trying to decide just what mystery novel would satisfy their book craving.  Swedish authors are 'hot' right now; 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo', 'The Ice Princess', Henning Mankell's fascinating Kurt Wallander series.  I could go on.  But we shouldn't discount American mystery writers, and one of the most popular is Janet Evanovich, author of the hugely popular 'Stephanie Plum' novels.

But Janet can only write so fast, which leaves so many fans bereft.  That was when I stepped in and suggested they read Lisa Lutz' hysterical series about the Spellmans, a family of private eyes.  Of course, it took a little persuasion, but most of the time, customers would give the first book a try.  And then I'd see them a few days later, asking for the second.  Before I knew it, they would be clamoring for more.

When the fourth book in the series arrived, I was sad to learn that Lisa was ending the series.  She displayed her cleverness and sarcasm in such a wonderful way, and I knew that I would miss the further adventures of such a strange family.  What would happen to Rae, the sly, wise-cracking little sister?  And what about David, the handsome lawyer brother?  But, mostly, what would happen to Isabel, the narrator?  I was depressed.  No more Spellmans.

But in my house, Christmas came early; the fifth novel of the quirky Spellman family arrived on my doorstep!  I was in Book Hog Heaven.  I couldn't wait to plop down on the sofa and devote my entire evening to a family that has given me so much laughter.

And there is lots of laughter.  Lutz hasn't lost her touch, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I suggest you try this series.  It will make you laugh, you really won't learn anything (unless you need some tips on spying), and you'll fall in love with a family that is somewhat normal, yet very vindictive.  But in a good way.

Although 'Trail of the Spellmans' won't be released until March, get a head start and read the first four books.  By the time you get to the fifth, you'll be a fan.
                             -The Spellman Files
                             -Curse of the Spellmans
                             -Revenge of the Spellmans
                             -The Spellmans Strike Again

Thank you, Lisa Lutz, for bringing the Spellmans back into my reading life.  I can die happy. 


Nomadic Nicole said...

Oh man would I have been sad if the series ended. LOVE it. One of the few books that makes me laugh out loud as I read it and force my family to listen to me read parts out loud. HIGHLY recommended. Counting the days til March now . . . (This is Tami, not Nicole by the way)

Jacki said...

Tami, when you can find 'The Last Testament: A Memoir by God', read it! It is SO funny that your house will shake from laughter.