Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ink and Bone

I think I'm in love.

Not love in the romantic sense.  More like, I love this story.  I love this author (but not in a romantic sense, remember?).  I squeal with delight whenever I find that a beloved author has a new book coming out, and better yet, one that will be a great Summer read.

Spencer Quinn's 'Chet & Bernie' books. Anything by 'Little Stevie' King.  David Mitchell (his latest, 'Slade House', is the creepiest, weirdest story I've ever read).  Kate Morton. Charlaine Harris.  Neil Gaiman.  I could name more, but for now, I want to concentrate on Lisa Unger.

Yes, Lisa Unger.  Lisa Unger, the phenomenal author of stories that are a combination of horror and thriller.  Yes, there is a difference.  And Unger has a gift for bringing them together in a way that works very well.

Finley, the young psychic in her newest novel, 'Ink and Bone', finds that her gift is becoming too big for her to handle, so she runs to her grandmother, Eloise, a well-known psychic who assists the local detective, Jones Cooper, in investigations in The Hollows, New York.  Finley's lover and tattoo artist, Rainer, follows her there, and although she isn't pleased about it, she's quietly grateful that he did.  

Drawn into the case where a little girl went missing while she and her family were on vacation in The Hollows, Finley works with Cooper, and finds that the voices in her head are stronger than ever.  It is up to her to locate the little girl and find closure for the dead who are drawn to her.

But just when you think you know what's around the corner, or how the story will end, Unger throws us for a loop.  Things aren't always what they seem, and in this story, nothing could be truer.  
Author Lisa Unger

If you love a good thriller, especially one mixed with some good horror, read 'Ink and Blood'.

And the little twist near the end will take you by surprise.

'Ink and Bone', written by Lisa Unger, will be published in June 2016, by Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster.  

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