Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Night Shift: Midnight Texas #3

I'm sure that most avid readers have to step away from stories that are so deep we have to run to our faithful dictionaries (I still have one in paperback; I'll never give it up, even though Google is much more convenient).  When a story gets a bit too deep for me (and somewhat confusing), I take a break and gravitate toward books that are entertaining, yet still pose a challenge (something any well-written story should do).  I crave stories that don't make my brain ache.

Yeah.  An aching brain.

In other words, I look for something fun to read.  Something that either makes me cry with happiness, makes my blood run cold, or makes me run screaming into the night (it's great if I experience all three).  If you're a serious reader, and one who dips into various genres, you know what I mean.  

One of my current favorite series is an interesting one written by Charlaine Harris, she of 'Sookie Stackhouse' fame (the t.v. show, 'True Blood' is based on that series). Her new books are about the very small town of Midnight, Texas, where strange, spooky things happen. Most of the citizens living in Midnight have supernatural ties, and as each book progresses, you learn just what those people can do.  They are powerful, and in the third book, 'Night Shift', they all join together to stop a huge threat to the town.  

Author Charlaine Harris
Harris has written many mystery series peopled by wonderful, well-written characters, and now she has added more to her stable. As with her 'Sookie' series, I grew so fond of the 'Midnight' citizens, especially the witch, Fiji.  The others are remarkable in their own right, but there's just something about the earthy Fiji that made me smile.

All of these books are great Summer reads, but the only thing that saddens me is that 'Night Shift' is supposed to be the last one in the series.  The most recent news states that NBC has ordered a pilot, so perhaps 'Midnight, Texas' will have a longer life in book form. 

I hope I'm right.

The 'Midnight, Texas' series ('Midnight Crossroad', 'Day Shift', and 'Night Shift'), written by Charlaine Harris, is published by Ace, an imprint of Penguin Random House.  You can find all of them at your local library or favorite bookstore.  ISBN 978-0-425-26322-8

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